Friday, 23 December 2011

See you on January 9, 2012

See you on January 9, 2012

As a leader, are you taking time in the next couple of weeks to take a break and to attend to the other important aspects of your life?

As leaders, we get caught up in the hectic demands of our day-to-day work.  We quickly get into high gear and sometimes it's tough to slow the pace.  Now is the time to slow that pace.  As a leader, you aren't a lot of value to those you lead if you are exhausted and drained of the energy, enthusiasm, and optimism necessary to lead others.  In order to refresh and rejuvenate, you need to take some time for yourself.  You'll know best how to use this time.  It may be with family, friends, interests that are completely outside of your daily work, travel,.....or something else.  Whatever it is that nourishes your body, spirit, and soul, it's time to attend to them now.

Enjoy some very well-deserved time when you can slow the pace of doing for others and attend to what you need.

Peace, health, and happiness to all in 2012!

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