Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Get Yourself Ready for Meetings

As a leader, do you use the 3 key steps for preparation? 

With so many meetings, busy leaders don't always have time to think about the goals of those meetings. But showing up unprepared only makes a meeting longer and less effective. Try blocking out time on your calendar for prep work and to think about what you want to accomplish. If a meeting is an hour, you may need 30 minutes to prepare. For critical meetings you may need much more time. If you plan accordingly, you'll arrive ready to accomplish what you've set out to do, not catching up.

Three key steps for preparation...

  1. Establish a clear purpose for the meeting and be sure everyone knows it.
  2. Uses processes for engaging participants.  Avoid talking at them. 
  3. Be sure to include everyone who needs to know. 

Adapted from "Make Time for Time" by Anthony K. Tjan.

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