Thursday, 2 June 2011

Sustainable Leadership

As a leader, how are you engaging with the principles of sustainable leadership?

Hargreaves and Fink (2006) lay out a radical agenda for shaping the capacity of school systems to engage in continuous improvement.  Their seven principles of sustainability in concert focus on sustainable leadership as the solution:

  1. Depth (sustainable leadership matters)
  2. Length (sustainable leadership lasts)
  3. Breadth (sustainable leadership spreads)
  4. Justice (sustainable leadership does no harm to and actively improves the surrounding environment)
  5. Diversity (sustainable leadership promotes cohesive diversity)
  6. Resourcefulness (sustainable leadership develops and does not deplete internal and human resources)
  7. Conservation (sustainable leadership honours and learns from the best of the past to create an even better future: pp.19-20)

From:  Turnaround Leadership by Michael Fullan
Published by: Jossey-Bass and OPC

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