Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Blind Spots in Your School/Organization?

As a leader, how do you ensure you keep an eye on 'blind spots'?

When our brains concentrate intensely on one task, we miss what is happening around us. This means that when your team diligently focuses on a task, it's likely they're missing something. Here are two ways to identify those blind spots:
  • Assign the task of speaking up. Every time your team meets, include an agenda item that reads: "What are we missing?" Rotate responsibility for answering that question so everyone eventually contributes.
  • Get an outsider's perspective. Bring people in from other parts of the organization to analyze your observe and comment on your work. They might not know about the progress, methods, or solutions being worked on already, but they may see something your team doesn't.  They too can ask the question: "What are we missing?"

Adapted from "Why You May Be Blind to a Good Idea (and What to Do About It)" by Cathy N. Davidson.

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