Thursday, 12 January 2012

How do you use Social Media to learn?

As a leader, how do you use social media to learn?

It only takes a passing glance at social media to see that people use them for learning.  It may be something as simple as someone seeking suggestions.  It could be a link to a valuable website or a great article to read.  It can also be an opportunity to engage in longer-term discussions about issues or ideas that really matter to you and your work. are you using social media to learn?  Or are you?  If you're not, you may be missing something really valuable - not to mention that without connection to social media, you're less and less connected both to issues that are current for people and the methods they use to engage with these issues. 

Does participating in social media demand some new learning on your part?  Sure.  It might take a half hour of your time and the knowledge of a friend who is familiar with any particular medium.  Is it worth it?  Absolutely!  In an age when change occurs quickly, information is essential, and connection is critical, you're being left behind if you opt out.  Ignore social media at your peril as a leader.

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