Monday, 30 January 2012

What is it about your leadership?

As a leader, what is it about your leadership that makes a difference?

Each of us is an individual.  We have unique knowledge, experience, stories, and skills.  The same can be said of us as leaders.  We each lead in different ways based on our knowledge, experience,and skills.  The important question each leader needs to ask himself or herself then is: What is it about your personal leadership that makes a difference in your workplace?

This question causes you to reflect on yourself as a person and as a leader.  What is unique about you and your leadership that makes your school/organization successful?  It's more than bringing together a great team of people.  Leaders add value.  What is your value added to your school/organization?  If this isn't an easy question to answer, it probably calls for some thinking/reflecting on your part. 

Here are just a few questions that might help guide your thinking:

  • What are my unique knowledge, experiences, and skills?
  • How do I use these as a leader in my workplace?
  • Do I make conscious decisions to enact certain leader behaviours?
  • Do I rely on 'gut reaction' (unconscious decision-making) in order to lead? 
  • Is my school/organization doing well, at least in part, thanks to my leadership?  How do I know?
  • Could I be replaced by another person and the school/organization would do just about as well?
  • What value do I add as leader? 

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