Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Enough Complaining! Number 2

As a leader, how do you keep your own complaining in check?

As a leader, it is easy to slip into a habit of complaining publicly among your staff members.  You're the leader so your positional authority often makes staff members feel that they must listen to you.  However, are you aware of just what you're saying?  Do you tend to complain to them?  If so, what might they be taking away from hearing your complaints? 

Your complaints can be damaging to morale within the workplace.  The negativity you bring into conversations can chip away at the interest and enthusiasm your staff members feel for their work or the school/organization itself.  Staff members look to leaders to be optimistic and motivating.  Your complaining can be producing the opposite effect.

Next time you find yourself even thinking about complaining out loud among staff members, consider what impact this might have on your colleagues.  If it doesn't help them in their daily work, it's probably best to keep it to yourself.  If you really need to air your comments, find a confidante - outside the workplace - who understands your need and can support you. 

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