Friday, 20 May 2011

The Change Process

As a leader, how do you understand the change process?  What is your comfort level with complexity? is essential for leaders to understand the change process.  Moral purpose without an understanding of change will lead to moral martyrdom.  Moreover, leaders who combine a commitment to moral purpose with a healthy respect for the complexities of the change process not only will be more successful but will also unearth deeper moral purpose.  Understanding the change process is exceedingly elusive.  Management books contain reams of advice, but the advice is often contradictory, general, and at the end of the day confusing and nonactionable.  ...six guidelines that provide leaders with concrete and novel ways of thinking about the process of change:

  1. the goal is not to innovate the most
  2. it is not enough to have the best ideas
  3. appreciate early difficulties of trying something new - what I call the implementation dip
  4. redefine resistance as a potential positive force
  5. reculturing is the name of the game
  6. never a checklist, always complexity

From: Leading in a Culture of Change by Michael Fullan
Published by: Jossey-Bass

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