Thursday, 26 May 2011

Moral Leadership and You

As a leader, would you be seen by your followers as meeting the standards of moral leadership?

Are you a moral leader?  Do you act out of a relentless commitment to improve the quality of something or someone?  Do you carefully consider what is the right thing to do?  Do you have a moral purpose - wanting to make a difference that matters most? 

Leaders must have the highest standards and ethical strength.  Their character is always on display - followers ask, "Did she do what she said she would do?" Do his actions reflect what we value in our culture and conform to the highest professional principles?"  They are quick to point out when the leadership behaviour is inappropriate, self-serving, and misaligned with the values of the organization. 

Moral leaders stand for something - and use every opportunity to communicate their  stand to others.  ....They don't quit when it gets tough - when they hit a roadblock, they find another way.

From:  Leading Every Day by Joyce Kaser, Susan Mundry, Katherine E. Stiles, & Susan Loucks-Horsley
Published by: Corwin Press


  1. Moral Leadership, is above all is most important. Without it, Relationships are built, what we communicate will fall on "deaf ears".

    I really like the implication above about our moral purpose is to imporve the quality of someone (or I'd like to look at as the welfare of someone).

  2. For me, the aspect of "relentless commitment" is so importatant. Students deserve to be served only by those who have a relentles commitment to them and their education. Anything less is not good enough for students.

  3. A true leader never asks less of someone than they would of themselves. I think this also applies to the concept of leading by example. It is imperative to look at ourselves through other's eyes and constantly make sure that we are holding ourselves to the highest moral standards. I especially like the view that when you hit a roadblock you take a different route. If you try to approach problems creatively, you will eventually get there without compromising your principles.