Monday, 24 October 2011

Mentoring or Coaching - Part 2

As a leader, do you engage in coaching? Do you support your staff in receiving coaching?

As mentioned in the previous post, the terms 'mentoring' and 'coaching' are often used interchangeably but research literature differentiates between the two.  The difference between mentoring and coaching needs to be understood if we wish to use the terms correctly.

It's coaching if:

  • the coach has been trained in a specific style of coaching and uses it at all times while coaching
  • the coachee has a learning plan which forms the basis of the coaching conversations
  • the coaching conversations are intended to support the coachee in the development of identified skills
  • the coach mediates the thinking of the coachee
  • reflective thinking is routinely incorporated into the coaching conversations to deepen the learning
  • the coaching conversations are focused on the growth of the coachee
  • the coach does not talk about him/herself.  It's always about the coachee.
  • there is a time limit to the coaching relationship
Adapted from 'Coaching For Learning' - York Region District School Board

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