Tuesday, 4 October 2011


This blog exists as a way for leaders - in any type of organization - to read a short piece and then to reflect on it.  My hope in providing these short pieces of writing is simply to stimulate the metacognitive level of leadership.  As I was reflecting on the blog, it occurred to me that the blog is designed for leaders to reflect on their practice.  However, I have not yet asked leaders how they stimulate reflective thought in others.

So.....as a leader, how do you stimulate reflective thought in those you lead?  If there is value in reflecting on our work as leaders, how do we support those with whom we work in reflecting on their practice?  There is ample research evidence to support reflection as a growth process for learning.  Do we, as leaders, know how to stimulate reflective thought in others? 

A few favorite questions that stimulate reflection are:
  • If you were to do it again, how might you do it differently?
  • What do you believe you did that led to such a successful outcome?
  • Why do you think he/she might have reacted like that?
If you have some suggestions for great questions that stimulate reflective thought, please post them in the Comments section for this posting. 

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