Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Do You Stay True to Your Own Protocols?

As a leader, do you stay true to your own protocols?

As leaders, one of the things we are often asked to do is to establish protocols - routines for day-to-day work. We sometimes do this on our own and sometimes with contributions from individuals or teams from our workplaces.  But there is a caution..... It's sometimes tempting not to follow our own protocols.  It's easy to slip into situations where we feel pressed for time and feel that we need to respond quickly to an issue and we neglect the very protocols we established.  We need to be very cautious of such behaviour.  It undermines the contributions others have made to the protocols established.  Worse than that, it undermines trust in you as a leader.

Next time you are tempted to skip a protocol or routine because you feel pressed for time, think of the impact on your staff.  The cost to your credibility is simply too high.

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