Monday, 2 April 2012

Getting Mentors to Support Your Learning from a Variety of Perspectives

As a leader, are you accessing mentors who can provide you with a variety of perspectives?

Many of the jobs that Baby Boomers will vacate over the next two decades will go to up-coming new leaders.  The right mentors can help you improve the quality of your learning along the way. Consider contacting the following types of people to serve as your mentors:
  • A senior executive with experience in an area where your school/organization is focusing. These people can help you develop a big-picture mind-set.
  • A high-performing peer. Gain a broader perspective within your field by asking a highly-effective peer to be a mentor for you.
  • A person whom you serve. . Get into your parents' / clients' shoes and see how the school/organization looks from the standpoint of those being served by it.

Adapted from Guide to Getting the Mentoring You Need (HBR OnPoint Collection).

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