Thursday, 12 April 2012

Handling Harsh Criticism

As a leader, how do you handle harsh criticism of you or your work?

Whether it's a workplace rival or a well-intended colleague, someone will likely say something punitive or hurtful to you at some point in your career. When it happens, remember:
  • Don't respond right away. Resist the temptation to snap back. There is no use in getting angry or creating a nasty paper trail. Take time to cool off, consider your response, and then reply cordially.
  • Determine if you're overreacting. Ask yourself whether the comment was really that bad. Sometimes a thoughtful offer to help or a comment about something you've done can seem like an insult.
  • Forgive, but remember. Don't hold a grudge, but keep in mind that this person has done this to you.  Might they do it to others?  Forgive, but remember that this person has this potential to hurt and those you lead may not handle it as well as you do. 
Adapted from "How to Deal with Critics" by Dorie Clark.

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