Thursday, 17 March 2011

The Culture of your Organization

Do you know the culture of your organization?  If yes, is it the culture that you need to be successful?  If no, do what to do to shift the culture?

"One of the toughest  aspects of improving [organizations] is managing through the issues of climate and culture.  We often focus on creating systems and structures, overlook the underlying culture, and are then surprised when things fall apart."

"All organizations operate within a given culture.  This became startlingly clear the first time I visited an Apple Store for technical support.  I felt rather dowdy when I looked around and pretty much everyone in the store (employees and customers) looked as though they they belonged in either an alternative rock band or posing in a fashion magazine.  Techno music pumped through the store and there was a youthful cutting-edge vibe.  Do you suppose the Apple culture is an accident?  Not a chance.  It has been carefully designed and cultivated and has been pivotal to the company's success."

From: Student-centered Coaching by Diane Sweeney
(Published by: Corwin)

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