Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Leading In A Culture of Change

As a leader, how do you manage change for those whom you lead?

"Change is a double-edged sword.  Its relentless pace these days runs us off our feet.  Yet when things are unsettled, we can find new ways to move ahead and to create breakthroughs not possible in stagnant societies.  If you ask people to brainstorm words to describe change, they come up with a mixture of negative and positive terms.  On the one side, fear, anxiety, loss, danger, panic; on the other, exhilaration, risk-taking, excitement, improvements, energizing.  For better or worse, change arouses emotions, and when emotions intensify, leadership is key. 

From:  Leading In A Culture of Change by Michael Fullan
(Published by: Jossey-Bass)

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