Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Lead From the Front

In what circumstances might you 'lead from the front'?

There are times when leading from the front is necessary.  Here are some thoughts on it as well as a link to a great book if you want to pursue some learning about it.

What is Leading From the Front?  It is when a leader asserts an aspiration and invests his or her own political capital to support the aspiration. 

When would one lead from the front? 
  • ...when you, as the leader, need to create a sense of urgency in your organization
  • ...when you want to communicate that certain aspirations are important enough to be non-negotiable
  • ...when you fear that a consultative method would produce watered-down aspirations.....and results.
From: Deliverology 101 by Michael Barber
Published by: Corwin Press, EDI - U.S. Education Delivery Institute, OPC - Ontario Principals' Council

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